Togo, West Africa



For the past twenty years, the Togo Baptist Convention has been using films, projectors, and generators to evangelize. This equipment is completely worn out.

The Plan

Audio-Visual Evangelism Kit for each association and one for the Togo Baptist Convention.


  • 10 DVDs of the Jesus Film in the different Togo languages. These DVDs cost about $7.99 each when purchased in groups of ten.
  • Battery powered DVD Player (Polaroid from Walmart costs $129.
  • Solar panel to recharge the battery Price costs $139.

Total Approx. $300

In the future there is possibility for people to go to Togo for an evangelization project. The Togo Baptist Convention needs to set up housing, transportation, food arrangements before we could start this kind of evangelism work.

Project Report

There are ten to twelve associations in the Togo Baptist Convention. Some of these associations are in cities where there are televisions and some are in the bush areas where the only source of electricity is generator or solar panels. For the past twenty years the Togo Convention has been using projectors, films, and generators to reach the lost peoples in their country winning thousands to Christ. This equipment is completely worn out. So after spending some time with the Togolese trying to figure out an economical way to help them share the Jesus film with people without the use of this heavy and expensive type equipment (and which also needs training to use), we came up with an audio-visual evangelism kit which is a group of DVD’s of the Jesus film in approximately ten different languages which could be used in each region. These DVD’s cost about $7.99 each when purchased in groups of ten or more. We can also buy a battery powered 7 or 8 inch DVD player (Polaroid from Walmart costs about $129) to play the DVDs in the bush, and buy a solar panel to recharge the battery. A kit could be given to each association. The DVD could be used in TV’s where they do have TV, and in areas where they don’t have TV, they can be used with the DVD player and solar panel in small groups (maybe ten) watching. This project costs about $300 per association (maybe a little more or a little less) depending on the number of language groups in each association.

In the evangelism area, in the future, there may be a possibility for people to go to Togo to do evangelism, but in the beginning, it requires a lot of preparation and discussion with the Togo Baptist Convention to set up housing, transportation, food arrangements, etc. before we could do these types of groups.